You are working on your laptop and all of a sudden one of the keys on your laptop stops responding. Or worse, the entire keyboard is not working now. This can be annoying, particularly when you have some very important work due. But, keep calm and follow one of the steps discussed below.

 Check for Crumbs

Hold your laptop upside down and give it a good shake. Sometimes crumbs from your working lunches or snacks can get stuck under the keys and with this you will have it removed from your laptop and your problem will be quickly fixed.

If your problem is still not solved, try cleaning every nook and cranny of your keyboard with a keyboard vacuum or can of compressed air. If one or two keys are stuck due to soda spillage, then you can try cleaning those keys with a cloth soaked in alcohol. But, make sure you are applying the liquid to the cloth first and not directly to the keyboard, it might worse your problem rather than solving it. If you still can’t fix the problem with your stuck key, then pop the faulty key cap off the keyboard and try to clean as much as possible from the key switch, remember that don’t disassemble the key switch unless you know how to put it back. If most of the keys are not working due to coffee spillage, then the best recourse is to have the whole keyboard assembly replaced.

Reboot Your Laptop

There might be problem that your laptop just got hanged and that’s why your keys are not working. In this case you should reboot your laptop, if you can’t use the trackpad or mouse for rebooting, just hold down the power button for about 10-15 seconds to turn the laptop off. Restart after two minutes and see if the problem still exists. If the problem is still not solved, try one the following solutions.

Fix the Driver Issues

The problems associated with your laptop’s keyboard and drivers crops up when you install third-party software or turn your laptop off all the time without using the shut down command.

Open and check the Device Manager on your laptop. If the keyboard line item has a yellow exclamation mark next to it or if the keyboard icon doesn’t show up at all, then you should try to contact your laptop manufacturer’s driver download page, then download and install the latest drivers for your keyboard. Probably, you need to hook up a USB keyboard to do so, but after you have downloaded and installed you will resolve your issue in no time.


If you really don’t have time to fix the problem and you need to complete a task quickly on your laptop when your laptop keyboard became unresponsive, just plug in a USB keyboard and finish your task.

Bad Connections

Sometimes the keyboard loses connection with the motherboard and works intermittently or not at all. If you know how to open your laptop’s case and reconnect the ribbon cable at the bottom of your keyboard then you can do that, but if you are not sure about it, do not try to disassemble your laptop rather take your laptop to a professional repair shop.

Defective Keyboard

Sometimes laptop does have a defective keyboard, and if your laptop is in warranty period contact your laptop manufacturer’s tech support. If you are going to submit your laptop for repair it is always better to back up your hard drive’s data in an external hard drive, because they don’t guarantee you the safety of your data.