When you talk about building a career in IT, the first thing that pops up in your mind is software. But the truth is that today hardware and networking jobs are among the topmost career fields that young professionals are looking at. And when the word ‘networking’ is on your mind, then it is none other than Cisco networks. Taking up the CCNA certification and training course assures a high level of knowledge in computer systems. More importantly, a CCNA course proves that you are well-skilled and trained under Cisco Systems, which is a worldwide leader in the IT domain. Read further to learn why you should do CCNA, which is one of the renowned and best IT courses in the world.

• What is CCNA?


Cisco offers several computer hardware networking courses that provide in-depth training in routers and networking. Among the various courses, the CCNA course (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is a certification program for entry-level network engineers. Through the course, you can get to learn all about routers and switches. It aims at enhancing your networking knowledge and increases the knowledge of your employer’s network. As it is one of the best IT courses, students are trained to install, configure and operate the routers and switches. They are given competent training so that they are able to tackle any complex problems with respect to networks. The focus of CCNA lies in fields such as service providers, security, voice, collaboration, data centers, video, and wireless. Offering numerous training methods, the students can expect books by Cisco Press as well as classroom and online courses. To attain the certification number, you need to get a passing score in the Cisco exam. Some of the modules under the CCNA course comprise of basic router configuration, IP routing, NAT/PAT, virtual LAN, catalyst switch operation, IP traffic management with ACL, etc.

• Why should you do a CCNA course?

Doing a CCNA course not only provides knowledge and skills but also offers a ticket to success. It means that the moment your resume has a CCNA certification course by an authorized Cisco learning center such as Jetking, the best multinational companies would be glad to have you onboard. As a CCNA candidate, you would get a job faster than any other individual. Those who specialize in the various courses offered by CCNA have better job opportunities.
The industry requirement for CCNA certified people has increased. Today, recruiters are looking for competent individuals who have an edge over others. They seek those certified networking professionals who have an advanced knowledge of protocols. Once you receive this high-grade recognition, you will get the confidence to opt for better career prospects. In fact, you will observe that with the right efforts and dedication, you would be able to excel in your field.

• Testimonial of a Jetking student


Check out what a Jetking student has to say about the information he got with respect to the CCNA course while doing the JCHNE course:

I have done JCHNE from Laxmi Nagar, RO, batch number- 368, and roll number- 348. I had a great experience studying the curriculum and we started learning basic electronics at Jetking. After that, we learned about computer hardware, network essentials, operating systems (network operating system like server 2K8 and client operating system like Windows 7), and the concept of CCNA. It helped me get a better understanding of the network and computers that run on these networks.
After I completed my course at Jetking, the company assisted me in getting an excellent job in an MNC like iYogi Technical Services as a technical support specialist. Also, I got a handsome package of 2.5 lakh PA. The Jetking placement department and their faculties were very helpful in providing full-fledged training and guidance every time I needed it. It also helped me brush up my technical skills and trained me with personality development. I am indeed thankful to Jetking as they helped me change the third job and get a package of 4 lakh PA. Currently, I am working as a technical support officer with Innovation Research Pvt Ltd.

– Indu Bhushan Saxena

Enrolling in a CCNA course under Jetking Infotrain Limited does have its own merits. Now, you can improve your resume credentials by doing the CCNA course, which will take your career prospects a notch higher.