Today, smartphones have no doubt become a crucial part of life- something that we cannot live without. But, they often contain more information about your personal and professional lives than you realize and that data could get compromised anytime, if it is left open and unsecured.
Below are some tips that can keep you smartphone and information safe:
Set up a security lock
Privacy is always important to us and it is advised use either a pattern, pin or password lock to prevent unwanted access to your phone. There are various apps which claim to provide Finger print-based security locks or face locks sound fancy, but they are not fool-proof and can be easily cracked. On your phone, go to Settings> Security> select Screen Lock. Choose from Pattern, Pin or Password to setup a lock of your choice.One can also try installing a screen guard/protector to keep prying eyes from looking at information. Above all, never share your password, security key lock for your smartphone with anyone.
Encrypt your phone
If your phone has sensitive data, encryption will help protect it from being copied physically when it’s misplaced or stolen. Go to Settings>Security and select Encrypt Phone. Ensure your phone’s battery is fully charged and is connected to the charger during the encryption as it may require some time .
Keep anti virus updated at all times
We are always visiting new websites, clicking on links shared by friends, accessing various websites in search for information. Further we are constantly downloading and sharing photos and videos. While we all take utmost care, but one can never be completely sure. Ensure your anti-virus software are always updated in a timely manner, so that your smartphone remain protected.
Turn off installations from unknown sources
An ideal way to stay safe from malware and spyware apps is to use apps only from the Google Play Store. However, disable app installations from third-party app stores and unknown sources to be safe unless you trust the app installer. Some Android phones come with App Manager, for others there are multiple such apps available to download from Google Play Store
Stop activity recording
Google, tracks your search activity on apps and in browsers to offer fast and customized experiences across Google products. This can also be termed as one form of invasion of privacy. This can be easily be stopped by changing the preference setting in your Google app.
Perform routine back-up:
Remember the scene in Chennai Express, where Shahrukh Khan struggles to remember his friends’ contact nos. That’s what phones/ smartphones have done to us- we no longer tend to remember things. Hence, back-up your phone either on a secure cloud or on your personal computer – it will help in case your phone gets lost or damaged. You don’t know when a long lost contact may come handy.
Smartphone Insurance
Smartphones are something that we cannot live without. Hence it makes us think that if we need to insure our phones just as our life. If you are buying a new phone, be sure to ask for your retailer, to provide an insurance your phone. Insurance for your phone are for being currently offered for Rs 500 for a year.