‘Job fairs can be an eye-opener’

Campus placements can be challenging. Your college may get top organisations for campus placements. However, at the end of the day, top organisations may end up picking just the toppers! And what’s worse? You’re not […]

Need more integrated partnership

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced several proposals in the ‘Make in India’ initiative. The creation of a Higher Education Funding Agency (HEFA) with Rs 1,000 crore for the improvement of infrastructure in higher education institutions […]

Indispensable Engineers

Virtual engineers, automation engineers or robotic engineers design, programme, simulate and test automated machinery and processes in order to complete exact tasks. Automation engineers are responsible for design specifications and other detailed documentation of their […]

Digital Skilling for the Digitally Disrupted Age

From the past, the most desired skill listed by the employers was fluency in English. And with changing times, digital fluency has become one of the top requirements across industries. IoT, machine learning and zillions […]

Hardware with software

India has recently surpassed US as the largest consumer market of smartphones. With the rising number of the digital native generation consumers this demand is only poised to grow further. Hardware plays a major role […]

ERP match-making tips for your organisation

Daily plans. Weekly plans.Monthly plans. Annual plans! For any growing firm, keeping track of all the plans and integrating them can be really challenging. As also, failing to plan can be planning to fail! Hence […]

Needed: Up skilled IT talent for the India Inc. landscape

The demand for technology and automation is rising across all sectors in India. India is one amongst the first five largest startup communities and has witnessed a growth of 40 per cent, by the end […]

Education Industry Trends 2015 and the Outlook for 2016

As India tries to move towards becoming a developed country each year, increasing the literacy rate becomes the topmost priority.  As every sector saw a digital shift in its operation, so did the education industry. […]

Why online education is the cure for raising the bar for education in India

India boasts of being the youngest nation but it is also among the top five nations with 1.4 million kids aged six to 11 out of school. Due to poor infrastructure and amenities at government […]

7 handy tips to keep your smartphone secure

  Today, smartphones have no doubt become a crucial part of life- something that we cannot live without. But, they often contain more information about your personal and professional lives than you realize and that […]

Five emerging career paths for future IT aspirants

With the rapid pace of Internet and smart phones becoming available to the masses, IT has been steadily becoming an essential ingredient in almost every part of our daily lives, redefining how we live and […]

What are the skill development challenges in India?

  We had recently just held TechSparks, our annual flagship conference that saw global thought leaders, investors and the entrepreneurial community converge to discuss ideas, challenges and share their success and failure stories under one […]

Staying abreast of new cyber threats

Cyber-security is one of the professions which is gaining popularity of late. To know the scope of the sector for professionals and the packages that it offers, Siddarth Bharwani, Director, Jetking tells Bhawna Satsangi of […]

Customer experience is paramount

For online food aggregator platforms to be successful in India there has to be an algorithm to interpret customer feedback, monitor trends and make predictions, minimising risk and allowing for experimentation. By adopting technology, you’re […]

How context aware technologies will influence our day-to-day lives?

  Imagine you are passing by your favorite clothing store and you receive a notification about the latest collection and trends at the store. You also get information on the outfits that will be suitable […]

Automation: Reskill or be replaced

IF WE DON’T PULL UP OUR SOCKS,WE MIGHT BE COMPETING WITH MACHINES FOR THE NEXT PROMOTION! With the advent of technologies over the last couple of years and slow growth, IT giants who used to […]

Talent is the lifeline of IT Giants – Siddarth Bharwani, Director, Jetking

  India boasts of being the youngest nation but it is also among the top five nations with 1.4 million kids aged six to 11 out of school. Due to poor infrastructure and amenities at […]

Urgently needed, ethical hackers

Frenzied activity in the Indian internet space, especially the mushrooming of start-ups, has brought the shortage of ethical hackers once again to the fore. The industry estimates the availability of ethical hackers at a meagre […]

Mix of online, classroom learning is the future of education

  Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched Skill India mission keeping in mind the increasing demand for technologically sound and skilled workforce. The Economic Survey 2014-15 stated that as per the Labour Bureau Report 2014, […]

Demand for IT security professionals is expected to rise to 6 million globally by 2019, with a projected shortfall of 1.5 million*

In his address to the nation during the inauguration of ‘Digital India Week’ Our Honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, stressed the threat to Cyber security globally and urged the nation to play a leading […]

For A Secure Digital Age

How relevant is the issue of cyber security in contemporary times? Even though we tend to only hear about the high profile attacks in the news, Cyber-attacks have become increasingly common and more sophisticated. The […]

IoT trends and job opportunities

The ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) is relatively an uncharted territory in India. All the emerging technology revolving around the buzz word ‘Smart’ such as Smart cars, Smart homes, Smart offices, Smart shopping, Smart healthcare are […]

JETKING wins the Computer Education Institute of the Year Award at the 5th National Awards on Excellence in Education

Jetking Infotrain Limited, India’s premier Hardware and Networking Institute, has been felicitated as the Computer Education Institute of the Year at the 5th National Awards on Excellence in Education. Mr. Siddarth Bharwani, Head – Brand […]

Skilling India

Dharavi boy, Anthony Selva Nadar (19), is all set to represent India at World Skills 2015 in São Paulo, Brazil, where he’ll compete against young skilled professionals from around the globe. Naressa Coutinho delves into […]

Most Promising Jobs for the Next 10 Years

Are you the one who is looking for a good paying job? Well, then you must be looking for a promising career. But, the problem is how do you determine the most promising jobs for […]