Here is The Success Story of Preeti Madan, Alumni of Jetking Vikaspuri

Jetking Vikaspuri is like the strength of a strong building that my career is today - Preeti Madan
Jetking Vikaspuri is like the strength of a strong building that my career is today – Preeti Madan

Q1. Hi Preeti! Let our readers know, your qualifications, your Age at present, and also, your current work details.

Ans. I completed my graduation from DU. My age is 28 at present. Currently, I am working with Navisite India pvt ltd as a senior analyst and trainer.

Q2. Do let us know your job profile in detail.

Ans. I am responsible for auditing calls, emails, and other client-related communication. Sharing feedback with IT engineers related to technical guidance, following the correct process, and communication skills. Depending on the requirements conducting training sessions, can be technical, communication skills, and process knowledge. Also, sharing important data and reports with management.

Q3. Why and when did you step into the computer and networking decisively, why Jetking Vikaspuri?

Ans. I was doing graduation in 2010 and looking for a direction in my career. While I was doing a part-time job, one of my friends suggested Jetking. He has seen his other friends who were working successfully, after completing the course from Jetking. After, a quick meeting with a counselor in Jetking, I was kind of sure and decided to take admission.

Q4. How has your journey with Jetking and how much are your total years of Experience?

Ans. My journey was full of learning and correct guidance with Jetking. As a result, I have been working for the past 8 years in the IT industry.

Q5. What would you give (on a scale of 1-10) while rating Jetking’s training program?

Ans. I will give a rating of 9, as students need to work hard to pursue their dreams with a platform like Jetking.

Q6. Do you think that Jetking’s training has helped you in boosting your career?

Ans. Yes, Jetking was like a stepping stone in my career. I won’t be able to achieve what I have achieved with Jetking.

Q7. What do you expect to see in Computer networking in the coming years?

Ans. I think more technology at the same time eases learning for students, who wish to pursue their career in this industry.

Q8. What are your Achievements till now in your career and long-range career objectives?

Ans. I have 12 years of diverse experience in different domains such as IT, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Tools and Technologies, Risk Management, Process Excellence, etc. I started my career as an IT engineer with HP and reach a point where I am managing critical technology and support for organizations like Genpact and HCL. I have been awarded multiple times as the best team player in my professional journey for my performance. I am currently working as Manager with HCL and would like to see myself in a leadership role in the coming 5 years with such a prestigious organization where I can handle their critical functions and services and contribute to their success with my skills and experience.

Q9. What would be your message to young Jetking Vikaspuri aspirants?

Ans. Jetking is a wonderful platform if you are serious about your career and dreams. At the same time, they will give you the right opportunity once you complete your course bandar slot gacor.  So,  keep working and choose Jetking without any hesitation.

Q10. Jetking Vikaspuri for you in one simple sentence…

Ans. Jetking Vikaspuri is like the base of a strong building that my career is today. Without this base it was not possible for me to build this life.
Today, whatever I have achieved is because of taking the right decision of studying through Jetking.